24 October 2007

Loving Rilke

Yesterday marked the beginning of Rilke Week at Chekhov's Mistress. In his introductory post, Bud mentions what sparked the idea and remarks, "I don’t suppose Rilke is too controversial – either you love him or don’t know him." Too true.

My own little contribution went up today. Which poems do you love? Why? What is it about Rilke that has inspired and resonated with so many of us? I really look forward to reading imminent posts and all of your own thoughts on his work.


Imani said...

I took out my copy of "Ahead of All Parting" tonight to see if I could come up with something for the week. I do love Rilke, even more so because a dear friend of mine introduced me to him.

amcorrea said...

Please do! It would be wonderful to read your thoughts, Imani.