15 October 2008

After turning the last page

Paul Auster's Leviathan was published in 1992 and dedicated to Don DeLillo. Its events seem to eerily prefigure Falling Man... I'll be attending a lecture on this latter work today and it will be interesting to see if the subject comes up.


Kimberly said...

Just wanted to say thank you for all the resources and links you have gathered. I'm going to attempt to devour them--well, some of them..

I found your blog through Gwen's sites. (I was at ORU in the English Dept. and worked as an edt. asst. with Hall and Jana...long, long ago.)

Take care!

amcorrea said...

Hi Kim! Of course I remember. (Those sorts of adventures tend to be pretty unforgettable!) So good to hear from you. I've added your site to the "friends" section of the sidebar. Thank you for the kind words. All the best to you and your beautiful new family!